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Fixed Gas Detection Controllers & Alarms Flame Detectors

Fixed Gas Detection
Toxic, Combustible and Explosive
Hazardous Area, General Purpose
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Controllers & Alarms
Audiovisual alarm stations for hazardous, corrosive and offshore industrial environments, ABS certified.
Fire and Gas Systems SIL2, SIL3
Conventional architecture, distributed or mixed, wireless.

Flame detectors
IR3 Infrared Flame Detectors are ideal for environments with vapors and smoke. High immunity to false alarms. HART protocol. Fast response time of 5 seconds.

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Personal and Portable Gas Monitors

  • For Toxic, Combustibles and Explosive gases
  • Radial Area Monitors
  • Docking Stations
  • Calibration Gases and devices
  • iNet Software for scheduling instrument maintenance, recordkeeping, localization of the instruments in the field

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