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Pressure gauges and diaphragm seals Magnetic Level Gauges an Levels

– Pressure sensors.
– Pressure transducers.
– Pressure transmitters.
– Pressure switches.
– Pressure gauges with electrical output signal or switching contacts
– Mechanical pressure switches
– Bourdon tube, diaphragm, and capsule gauges for relative, absolute, and differential pressure measurement.
– Diaphragm seals and diaphragm in-line seals with threaded, flanged, or sterile connections.
– Digital indicators
– Pressure gauge adaptors.
– Syphons.
– Valves and cocks.

Level Gauges and Level Transmitters.

  • Single chamber and redundant systems
  • Magnetic level sensors
  • Reed level transmitters
  • Magnetostrictive level transmitters
  • Level customized solutions

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Radar, Servo, Float & Tape Sensors, FuelsManager Software

  • Sensors:

Float & Tape

  • Interfaces and RTU Devices for Field Signals
  • Fuelsmanager© Software & Systems for Automation, Movement Control and Inventory In Tank
  • Terminals, Truck Loading, Refineries.
  • Integral Solutions for Jet Fuel’s Supply Chain

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